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addi Turbo Circular Needles

The most popular knitting needle in the world - for a reason


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Addi Turbos are simply a delight to use, and represent a delicious combination of engineering genius and ultra-high standards of quality. This is not just the needle of choice for professional designers and test knitters - - addi is the needle of choice for anyone who wants their stitches to glide effortlessly from needle to needle and back again.

The engineered design is brilliant: a hollow brass core offers strength and very light weight; the nickel plating provides the smoothest ride possible for your stitches; and addi's cable is the one that raised the bar for everyone - - here at last is a cable that is flexible, strong and never coiled or kinked. I should also mention that the tips are shaped exactly as Montse Stanley describes the ideal knitting needle tip to be in her Knitter's Handbook. No wonder we all love addi's so much.