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addi's Natural Bamboo Needles - Now with CLICK flexibility and quality

addi Lace Click Interchangeable Needles
addi Lace Click Interchangeable Needles



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Learn about addi Needle Shop Rewards Points.

Addi's Natura Clicks are a joy to hold and handle - and they are here! Those of you who have used addi Natura circular needles already know how beautifully balanced and light they are, what a super smooth finish they have, and how warming to heart and hand they are. In short, they are everything and addi needle should be, in addition to being made from one of the most sustainable natural woods the world has to offer.

The tip shape and length are identical to addi Turbo Click tips, which will assure you of the most ergonomic comfort and easy knitting of any bamboo needle made. They are fully interchangeable with the addi Turbo Click cords and connectors, and with 3 of the Lace Click cords and its connector. Keep in mind that due to their longer length, the Natura Clicks will not work with the 16" and 20" cords to be found in addi's Lace Clicks - all other cords from both Lace and Turbo Clicks will work, however.

  • Each addi Natura Click set features 8 sets of bamboo tips (US 4 – US 11) and 3 cords (to create 24”, 32”, and 40” circulars) in a newly designed lime green wallet case that includes a fold-down pouch for cords, gauge and notions 
  • one connector piece which you can use either to join your cable together so that it becomes a stitch holder or to combine cords for longer lengths
  • an addi needle gauge and an addi Heart Pin